From Counseling to Massage

All enriched treatments

menu for you

We always provide you original five courses treatments as belows....

Also you can change any of courses according to your skin type and add

other optional courses.

Indicated price includes consumption tax.

Basic course
​60min. JP\4950

For all skin type

Clensing, Washing, Sucking, Facial & Decolte

Massage, Pack and Finishing

Whitening, Glowing course
90min. JP\6380

Targeted on Sun burned skin and spots, quickening skin turn-over

Basic course plus Ion Toning including

high concentrated Vitamin C.

Anti-aging  special course
​100min  JP\9350 

For Intensive care for wrincles, laugh lines and bags

Basic course plus Ultrapulse poration,  Lift-up Toning

Lifting Up by all hands course
​90min. JP\6050~

For Puffy, sagging faces,  Ultrasonic waves get focused your facial mascles, and then all hands massages will lift your face up.



Special relax course
0min. JP\6050

For stiff neck and shoulders,  all hands massage gives you a supreme bliss time.

Basic course plus special massage including

lymph dorainage.


25min. ¥1100

Only for customers who got any facial treatment, British style reflexology  will take your swollen legs and strained feet away and feel more confortable.



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